AEGIS Boost Vs Jack Rabbit Pod

aegis boost

The aegis boost is one of many vaporizers on the market. The Aegis Boost is the newest product to come from VandyVape, and it does a great job of recreating the vaporizer experience of an air cooler. The geekvape aegis boost is a great upgrade for any device that needs that extra oomph. The jackaroo deck is also an upgrade to an already great product. The jackaroo is an affordable, small, but powerful vaporizer. The AEGIS boost has an extended battery life, a cool and sleek design, and variable power output from a voltage sensing remote.

The Geekvape AEGIS Boost is the newest product from VandyVape. The Aegis Boost has a built in air stone that operates like an atomizer. It features variable airflow control with a variable wattage and a two levels adjustment for customized vaporization levels. It has an adjustable airflow control with a variable wattage and two levels adjustment for customized vaporization levels.

The VandyVape AEGIS Boost comes with a vapor chamber that is made of stainless steel and has an easy to remove bottom panel screen. On the front, there is a very large button with a large number. There are also individual user controls on the front and back of the unit. It also includes two USB ports and an outlet for charging your mobile phone or electronic device.

I would like to take a look at the new aegis boost pro 100w kit. This one comes with two hundred and thirty-five watts and a three year warranty. Included with the kit are a Vapor Guard vapor diffuser and a two pack adapter. There is a spacious carrying case included. The vapor guard allows you to customize your own air channel configurations and allows the temperature level for your personal taste.

The vapor guard is included along with the entire kit. The kit includes the vapor guard, the two hundred and thirty-five wattage AEGIS Boost, and the two-pack adapter. The AEGIS Boost has a variable voltage system that allows you to regulate your power through the power of your batteries. The kit has a replaceable two thousand mah battery. I really liked the inclusion of the jackaroo brand.

The vapor itself produced a rich flavor with a unique taste. The flavor had a very distinct berry flavor with a hint of tart and almost acidic flavors. I found that the flavor improved over the first ten minutes of smoking. The aroma from the Jackaroo coils included in the kit was wonderful.

I decided to buy the aegis boost because I really enjoy the flavor offered by the two vapes included in the kit. The aegis came with the pod jackaroo kit as well. I am a huge pod fan and am always trying out new flavors from this manufacturer. The quality of the two combined makes a great combo and extremely recommendable to anyone looking for a great electronic.

Overall I really enjoyed the two devices included with the aegis boost. The jackaroo kit did give me a great start to my first few bowls of cigarette. It took about twenty minutes to get the battery ready and only needed a charging after every four to five bowls. The charging of the battery life was quick and gave me more time to enjoy the vapor. The charging of the battery life lasted me about four to five hours before it was finally done charging.

The AEGIS Boost had a decent sound system, which reminded me of the DKNY Vaporizer Plus. However, with the preloaded pod system the sound quality was a little lacking, however that is to be expected since the system is not brand new. With the preloaded coils the sound quality of the Vape is truly amazing.

In comparing the AEGIS Boost and the jackaroo I would have to say that the jackaroo performed better in the initial stages, but the battery life was not as long as the Boost. The AEGIS definitely performed better in the latter stages of use, especially when using the preloaded pod system. When using the preloaded coils I noticed that the aegis held back a little on power until the coils began to heat up. The preloaded coils made a great audio and visually appealing visual.

The real draw back I found with the AEGIS Boost over the Jackaroo Pod was the fire button. With the jackaroo you can instantly fire two coils at a time, whereas with the AEGIS it took a bit longer. Also, since the AEGIS has a higher wattage than the jackaroo it doesn’t have quite the same heat output. With these factors in mind I would recommend the AEGIS Boost but if your looking for a great all in one vapes with a sleek look and compact size that will fit right in your pocket the jackaroo pod may be the way to go.

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