B. Caliburn KOKO Features – Simple But Efficient UWELL Pod System

Again, the Caliburn Good KOKO Pod is even simpler than the system is a very original simple Caliburn.

Why? Because they do not have a shutter button. It is activated by a single lottery.

We believe that the trigger buttons on the types of devices are more of a nuisance than anything else, anyway. But this is not the case for everyone. Especially those who love the preheating device (for a second maximum) before vaping them. And as our time Caliburn KOKO firing questions had to use it too.

But for us, and as long as it works properly without a shutter button on a Pod system it is a professional, not a scam. monodosis system avoids having shot his own while in your pocket or purse. Whether because he forgot to close or because the locking mechanism does not work so well, as sometimes is the case of Caliburn.

Do Not Disturb is design. And that’s just one less thing to think about.

In addition to its self-draining, the main features of the Caliburn Good KOKO are:

– A battery of 520mAh. This is exactly the same size as the original, Caliburn.

– The same applies to its maximum power, which is also 11W.

– A first difference is that the Caliburn KOKO comes with new pods 1.2ohm specially designed for it.

Easy 1.4ohm original Caliburn Differentiate pods that have a red base (instead of black).

Its ability to e-liquid is the same as the Caliburn (2 ml), but the fact that there 1.2ohm (instead of 1.4ohm) within coils increases the speed at which passes through them. Since we have a little more steam, we have to fill with more frequency KOKO pods.

The battery also is affected a little (a few minutes of vaping less KOKO).

[Note: Terminals Cruz Compatibility – The new 1.2ohm KOKO pod great fried and since it has exactly the same way, is compatible with the original Caliburn. Caliburn 1.4ohm pods are compatible with KOKO too.]


– Another thing that slightly impacts vaping experience is the fact that KOKO has a small hole dedicated to his airflow. Given that two of the same size in the original Caliburn, one on each side.

There is another hole in the bottom, but it is for the battery indicator LED (green – fully charged – red – must be recharged) and does not affect the airflow. There are three more in the bottom of KOKO near charging USB port (no, no charge USB-C) but are for ventilation of the battery and do not play a role in airflow is.

That is why the Caliburn KOKO has a circulation somewhat narrower.

You will hear all respondents say the KOKO fried the same as the original Caliburn, but we disagree. The difference is small but perceptible to us. (Look down)

– The top filling mechanism is convenient and the two holes are big enough to do. Moreover, the fact that there are 2 allows air to easily escape to the other side as you fill the basket. No messy and juicy filling the Pod KOKO system.

– Y is a thin slot carved into the side Good KOKO be able to see the amount of e-liquid remaining. It’s small, but it works. Zumwalt pod system

– Finally, similar to the Caliburn, incredible new teeth Good KOKO VAPE and long term. the same sheath used for 3 weeks (nearly every day and not only) and is still strong. KOKO assumes that the pods have about the same life that Caliburn. And that’s the feedback we have from those who use them more often than we do.

– It should also be noted that, unlike the problems that some users have with their pods, we had no leaks or retrograde drainage ours (there are 2 teeth in the package) to try this test Good Caliburn KOKO.

Now comes the most important part of this review Caliburn Good KOKO. That is to say. How vaporizer?

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