Electronic cigarettes atomizer ” drops of mouth ” , how much do you know ?

Electronic cigarettes atomizer drip nozzle, how much do you know? Today we tell about the clouds part of it – mouth drops, a lot of people would think mouth drops what is there to say? Is not different shapes, different materials? Whether these different smoke electronic to us what is the effect? Today we talk about, this topic feel very relaxed, doing things you love is happy, I’m happy right now.

The shape of the dropper is divided into three types:

1.Taste mouth drops

Taste of mouth is the most representative gobang drops mouth, have very strong together, first of all think taste type drip nozzle diameter must be small, the hours of relatively, we imagine in smoke output under the condition of the same, after a drop of the mouth curl, smoke will become strong and simple said is a unit of volume of smoke to one of three points or less.

The typhoon cloud of bias is taste, typhoon drop mouth also belong to the taste of mouth, but do not have curl effect. Texture types of drops of mouth mostly used on the oil storage single atomizer, which is the taste of traditional types of atomizer, idiomatic.

2.Through class drip nozzle

This type of mouth drops relatively, appeared in the taste of the smoke is more, the general design is 510 drops of the diameter of the nozzle interface and output the calibre of the smoke is consistent “, this type of design in order to lengthen the flue mouth, can be delivered relatively complete smoke after oil atomization of feelings, through drip nozzle type ud gloria, tanks and mini the atomizer mouth drops are belong to direct drip nozzle.

3.Big smoky cloud droplets

Great smog of 510 drops obviously, the generality of the mouth is at the top of the output diameter larger than 510 interface at the bottom of the aperture. A large part of the oil of cloud drops mouth is the design pattern. And the latest design, semi-closed type drip nozzle.The mouth is appeared in the drops of oil atomizer, drip nozzle diameter and the diameter of the warehouse at the bottom of the body is not particularly big difference. Drip drip nozzle diameter of atomizer is big, because can guarantee the output of the smoke, can let the smoke quickly full of lung, if small, must be tended to taste mouth atomizer category.

The materials of the dropper is divided into five types:

1.Steel mouth

Steel mouth is the most traditional material, the mouth of the color to match the color of the atomizer, design on the event there is a kind of said not to come out of the United States, the beauty of the metal, some melodramatic.But the drip nozzle defects and appearance is closely related, on the drops of oil to use than the obvious. It is well known that the metal thermal conductivity is fast, some low resistance is easierfever.

2.Wooden mouth drops

Only have wood, concrete is what kind of wood is not very clear. But use some extent, but also benefits are obvious, that is heat insulation this straight mouth, plus wood material, really is a good choice for a drop of oil atomizer.But design the shape I’m feeling is not very good, a bit stupid, but now the wood material and shape of mouth drops a lot, we see another kind of material drop below mouth.

3.Teflon drip nozzle

Teflon commonly known as the king of plastic, also known as teflon, this kind of material is the use of fluoride to replace the hydrogen atoms in the polyethylene synthetic polymer materials, simple said is cow x plastic, has good properties of high temperature resistant, the traditional metal structure already cannot satisfy the needs of players now, instead of the material arises at the historic moment.The teflon material also is actually plastic, but use, not very hot mouth, but due to the reason most of them are direct material, or the shape of the waist, no metal processing appearance to multifarious. Personal use teflon drip nozzle, holds the feeling is very smooth, and is very important thing is to use in the winter not ice mouth oh, this is very important.

4.Resin droplets mouth

Actually, broadly speaking, resin material is the main processing of plastic raw material, also can be processed, the use of plastic material, resin color sure than other plastic material is more beautiful, because of uncertain factors in the process of machining, so the resin decorative pattern is not for sure.Also created the characteristic, in the beginning of resin droplets are great smoky fog droplets mouth, mouth, or through drip nozzle designed, because insulating resin stays very good, so use resin of junior high school also for thermal insulation, so more biased towards the big caliber, later slowly only to taste the shape of the mouth.

5.Wood – steady drip nozzle

First I did not use a stable wood drip nozzle, think and wood, resin drip nozzle is a truth, heat insulation, and is expensive and delicate, because steadilyUnique set of wood processing means of processing cycle, much longer than other material, and processing the pattern is not for sure, can only be guessed at, probably this kind of material of the mouth is also a local tyrants drops mouth, trashy personal use, also can’t sit in judgement on the palate.

Everybody listen to ramble about for a long time, also the simple drop mouth and say a little iffy, but the intention of this article is to want you to have some knowledge of this part mouth drops in the atomizer. In shallow expression, so still hope to understand, but, in other words, drip nozzle material and shape, the smoke and taste has really changed? The answer is yes, there’s a difference. Whether material impact on our lips touch, insulating or stays, and the appearance of the change of the smoke, think mouth can really change the taste and smoke, but such change have to adjust the resistance and power more directly, if all adjust well, your mouth is the icing on the cake, isn’t it? Think articles are worth to you, give us a message to say a few words, or share with your friends.

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