ijoy VW – Best E-juice Pod Review

ijoy vape

Squonkers loves cutting-edge job vaporizers, and ijoy loves them back with sleekly practical vaporisers for cloud-chasing. This is a great brand for new vapers looking for something more advanced in their method of taking vaporizing to the next level. If you’re looking for a better experience than vaporizing plain old e-juice, soy shogun may be the vaporizer for you. If you’ve already tried vapors from other brands, ijoy’s unique and superior quality might change your entire experience. You can get your fix of ijoy vaporizers in a variety of colors, shapes, styles and sizes.

ijoy vaporizers are a great way to start cloud-chasing with professional-grade components. ijoy vaporizer starter kits provide a perfect place to go when you’re ready to upgrade from standard e-juices. They come with three pre-filled bottles: blueberry, raspberry, and cranberry. The bottles are dishwasher safe and feature a pump for filling with your liquid of choice. All starter kits include a glass water dish and a microwave safe container that allow you to make your favorite drinks in the comfort of your own home.

In addition to a beautiful looking Vaporizer, ijoy has several other neat features. The Vapesupply ijoy stick is designed to be used with the Vapesupply USB charging station. The joy stick has a unique electronic control panel that makes it easy to enjoy constant vaporizing outputs with just one hand. The unique electronic control panel offers two modes: Digital and Piezo. In digital mode, the chipset allows you to set the output power and blend flavors with the touch of a button.

In piezo mode, the ijoy Vaporizer offers a temperature control using two temperature sensors. The temperature sensor determines the proper vaporizing temperature. When you hold down the power button, it automatically transfers the selected temperature from the Temperature sensor to the Vapesupply batteries. The second temperature sensor is designed to detect short and long periods of solid state power on the battery. This feature allows the user to choose a temperature that meets their personal Vaporizer needs. The ijoy VW Box Mod also offers a user-programmable delay time and variable airflow depending on your personal preference.

The ijoy VW Box Mod has four standard settings: Auto, Full, Cold Hit, and Medium. With the Vapesupply joystick, jay adds a fifth standard setting called the Auto Extra Kick. This mode offers auto coverage even under full volume. This extra kick mode helps to maximize vapor production. ijoy has also added a new accessory called the ijoy coin which attaches to your key chain via a stainless steel magnetic design.

The base of the ijoy VW Box Mod is made of durable thermoplastic and is not dishwasher safe. To eliminate any chance of breakage during transport or storage, the ijoy VW box mod comes with a heavy duty silicone skin. The silicone skin provides superior protection from temperature change. You can leave the tank sitting out in the open if you are not using it or if you just want to preserve the unit’s warranty. The tank can be removed easily and placed in the device with the included double cap.

The ijoy VW Box Mod has an impressive vapor production rate of sixty-three percent. It offers a smooth experience with its dual adjustable temperature control and variable airflow. The tank holds a generous two pounds of compressed air. The ijoy VW uses a patented top fill system which atomizes the e-juice without spilling or burning. The unique top fill system allows the user to pour from one side to the other without fear of a spill or explosion.

The dual adjustable airflow let you choose the ideal airflow for your specific need. The tank is designed to hold up to two quarts of your favorite flavor. The built-in electronic charger makes charging and refreshing easy and conveniently. The ijoy VW Juice Plus allows users to enjoy their e-juice until it is time to replace it with more, offering nearly limitless vapes with the ijoy Vape Pod.

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