Modifying Your AEGIS Boost

aegis boost

Summary. The aegis boost was introduced to the market by Vandy Vape. At the same time of this release, heard the news from Geekvape who are releasing the new version of Aegis Boost called the Luxury Version. In this article, we take a quick look at the new additions in the Aegis Boost to make it more enticing to buy and use.

What’s New? – Well first off the new Luxury Version has a very futuristic design with a large circular front window and a stainless steel body. In addition to that, on the side there are two side slots to put your coins and there’s also a space for your keys. If you’re looking for a futuristic look, the aegis boost pro has it.

New Design – The cooling fan situated at the bottom of the AEGIS boost is completely covered by the side and back panels. This means you can now use the AEGIS Boost without any back plate. With this move you’ll notice a big difference in the cooling capability of this AEGi, it uses much less power to cool down your device. The cooling fan is also located behind the battery door.

Extra Battery Packs – There is a new feature in the new luxury version of the aegis boost called the double coil system. The double coil system uses twice the wattage of the original aegis boost and allows users to get double the wattage of flavor. While getting double the wattage, this means that the flavor will be enhanced by 2% more. By using the dual coils you will not have to waste any wattage by overloading the system, which was a common problem with the original aegis.

Extra Glass Caps – The aegis boost comes with two glass chambers, which are located at the top and bottom of the unit. By changing the number of chambers you can increase the wattage and increase the vapor production. Many vapers like to utilize a lot of power, so increasing the wattage ensures a more comfortable experience while enjoying your clouds. This extra glass caps provide a very sturdy and secure fit to your unit.

Jackaroo Pod Kit – The jackaroo pod is another great addition to the aegis boost. The pod is an accessory that is used to replace the air holes on the unit. If you love to vapate and have a consistent experience every time you vape, then the jackaroo pod kit is the perfect replacement for you. The pod fits snugly on the bottom of your AEGIS boosting your vapor production. It also increases the airflow through your air holes, increasing the amount of vapor you are able to produce.

Air Poker – The Air Poker is an accessory that helps to eliminate any leaks that may occur with the original design of the AEGIS Boost. These leaks occur from the bottom airflow, but they can be quite costly if left unchecked. By placing a few Air Poker chips around the outer edge of your AEGIS, you can eliminate any leaking that occurs with the original design. These chips are also adjustable, allowing you to add or decrease the amount of Air Poker you desire.

Caring For Your Mod – This is probably the easiest modification to do. Simply place your Air Hawk batteries in your AEGIS, and let them charge. The Air King Auto Charger will automatically charge your batteries when you use it, preventing overcharging. You can also take this a step further and install a battery life monitor. This device monitors the time and date that your batteries are charging and allows you to keep an eye on your battery life while you are away from home, ensuring that you are ready to fire your gun when the time is right.

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