Reuleaux Tinker 2 Review Promo Wismec

From above could see a connection Mod, and I have no problem with this mod atomizers had tried also in the axis of spring 510 moves in gold mod, you mm to 25 without atomizer wrong can eat because I use with a 24 mm diameter spray
Under the battery cover and under mod MOD ventilation holes can be seen. The battery cover looks good, and I think it will be a problem with the battery cover. Open the battery cover, you can see the gums to ensure mod water. Inside you can see the orientation of the battery used. You can easily get more or less but get the batteries in the model, and remove the battery mod.

From the front of the mod, you can see the cover, you can see the screen, fewer buttons and a USB port. You can see the rubber stopper that is certainly the USB port of the water. In this module, you will use this interface to the software update and recharge the batteries, but as always, recommend to recharge the batteries in an external charger.
fire button on these devices and can say that the use of the trigger, very convenient. Release the button and change Uwell crown works well, I do not really have a problem with the trigger, I can also say that the trigger a little soft, and I really triggered. Buttons and more in less dislocation and both work well.
0.96inch this view, which is a color screen. From here to leave an empty space, you can go with a larger screen, but I do not care, bright screen and can see everything on the screen without any problems.

Information on the screen:
– date and time
– Power
– Ohm
– volt
– Indicator dual battery

To rotate the device, you click five times on the fire and clear button, you must do the same. For the menu takes you 3 times the shutter has to click and menu, you can see:

– Fashion
– Sett
– information
– Exit

If you enter the mode, you can select:
– Power
– Tc
– Tc
– pac

If you choose the PSTN, you can set the big clock on the screen and you can believe I opt between many different wishes clock.
When the mode 4 tc after the shutter sound is selected, you can specify the mode.

Select a sett on the screen, you will see:
– kitchen sink
– Power
– Stealth
– indentation
– Hour
– hot
– Hobbies
– Exit

Here you can change some of uwell pods the information on the screen, you can puff face, time to breath or amps volts.
If you select the information, you can view information on the battery, which is very nice for me and you can see the software version.

A protective device: Caliburn Vape
– Overload protection
– Protection against shocks
– reverse polarity protection
– 10s Protection
– the temperature protection
– Short Circuit Protection
– Protection against overcurrent

How can this mod and my mind:
Tinker Wismec 2 mod construction, means which are resistant Uwell koko to water, dust and shock. Mod is excellent in color and I think a good selection of colors. Mod is very convenient to use, in my opinion, I how this change and use this mod every day.
Fire button on this mod is perfectly located and convenient to use, truly the flame of the index and shoots right softkey and smooth touch. I like this model we have color displays and as I said, I could see a very good mod. We also saw a train in elections Nunchaku uwell or a volt amplifier breathing. As someone who really MOD for date and time. The battery cover looks good, so far there is no problem with the battery cover and I think that the door works well. I found the information that supports a balanced care model different performance, but I propose to increase the third battery in the charging process.
When the button is pressed, more or less gradually introduced 1 mg, which is fine, but I want to go a little faster here.
Mod works well, I have no problem with this mod, I tried atomizer MTL me here and also my dl atomizer and worked well,

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