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Hello everyone and welcome to a new examination. This is Dave pizza and today I’m on the superstructure vapeciga vvmod

This device is the latest Dovpo and SQ and Odin superstructure was also published. Needless to say there is not much to be pumped simultaneously. The device is only 21,700, similar to the mod DO Squonk Topside, but with a twist. First, because the body is mostly plastic, which is much lighter. Second, a bottle of Squonk partially covered almost half the size of the model, and completely took out to install the battery. Finally, half can be stored in the margin, and the closing took place, making it a unique style of its kind mod 21700. Sooooo yeah, very interesting, and if I’m honest, I think this is a real stupid idea when I see leave. Let’s see if I still feel the same way!

WARNING: This unit Dovpo sent me for review.


Top 1 Mod Lite
1 East Germany Description
1 Tri-tool
bag 1 piece
battery protection
replacing air Squonk (later)
Micro USB cable

Available in black, red and bronze
Measurements: 97.5mm x 58mm x 28.2mm
Battery: 21700 individual, 20700, 18650 or adapter /
power range: 5-90w
Capacity: 10 ml bottle Squonk
Other Features: From the top to fill the bottles.


As I said in the introduction, I’m not really this with high expectations. Curiously, I think it’s a little more about these really nice. The lighter weight is the first thing that jumps over the original.It is much easier to pocket as his pants down is not sinking like going to show new topside squonk.

The next step is clear that the MoD is almost half immediately to insert the battery or complete elimination. It is quite magnetic and solid. In an amount which satisfies the magnetic tension and have no problem to jump during normal use. Of course, if it falls, it will fly, but they do not fall. The last major change was the best reconstruction. This time, a screw cap with O-ring, is as the top of the tank instead of a previous model with crank spring with two spark plugs. the opening is not large, but poses no problem refills. Ergonomics is about the same as the top of the battery alone is not a problem. So yes, it is short-Lite.


Lite chipset on the superstructure is the same as the one just above Ganda. That said, I copy and paste my operational area of ​​dual control.

combined button

five fires click the button switches on and off. Three click the lock button is activated by the shutter button. A Pressing the button below and to the same time to lock and unlock the setting. When the TC mode, press the shutter button and the button lets you adjust the watts of heat. A Press the shutter button and the button together to enter the menu system.


The menu system is not complete or what, but had several surgeries and different options. information.
voltage mode
TC or
TCR TC-matched
manual bypass
Statistics – shows the number of inhalations taken and the total length of the device vaping.

That’s it. I wish there was a little more than one offer on the menu. It would be preferable to adjust the screen brightness and screen, but remained the basis of the original.


As for the actual use of the superstructure it is quite similar to the original fried. Watt mode, which responds exactly as I thought. Yes pressing the button, timely ramps and provides a high power to the atomizer. I can run my variant 80W dual coil and does not have a problem with the way they are paired (besides the battery life).Litte small tests were carried out on TC and approximately equal to the top of basium dovpo click in, but this is not surprising because the plate has the same.

I became Watt steam engine did not bother me, but it would be a deal breaker for some of my readers. As for the overall design, I have a big problem with what they are doing here. transparent color black plastic magnet in the beginning, and if you sign in and out of the bag abrasive show scratches. Bottle cap all alternative accommodation at a decent price, so there is less of. The bottle itself can be removed for cleaning if necessary, and type in the same way that the upper sliding housing. Remove some screws, disassemble and remove. It’s not a terrible thing to do, but I washed all mine with plastic again. mod, if you choose to do so can be adjusted from the battery. All you have to do is pop Squonk part, took a small tube Squonk and this Release. Once released, the cover is held in place magnetic. Boom, done that, and this is a thin, wide and comfortable battery mod just 21,700.


I just want to see the recommended daily dose. Yes, this is mainly due to V2. This platform is the same air flow, but slightly modified. Instead of a T-shaped in the side, who only had two vertical lines corresponding top line a little strange. In closing, the summit may be one or two holes. Continues to rotate and line 2 may be down near the hole at a time. And surrounding both the 3rd and the 4th line to close the hole at a time. Continue to the left and all the holes were blocked, and the bottom line, but three lines have the right to open side. Yes, if you really run limit vape is not too good, but not near a little strange. I found mine safely online. The only thing a little different about this axis RDA. There is a ceiling embedded hollow, can be unscrewed from the top, thus opening squonking for tightening mode then and now is a regular publisher. It works very well with a limited flow of fluid during squonking, but it is a part that is less than the track.

I really do not need to go into details about the construction of the platform, but it is not much easier to build and axis on it. It has plenty of room for fat coils, and are not difficult to install. Mecha is also easy, as long as they leave just a little story to continue forcing the pump through them. They work in the fall and work on alternatives.

So with a few changes, how vaporizer? In short, the real good fries. good air circulation and smooth, and the right taste. This is a very good RDA, which I love. Pin Squonk have little / no Squonk I am not stuck because I do not like squonking limit small, but functional and type of cleaning. One thing that is professional and low cost, is a drip edge. It is a cone shape, and very comfortable on my lips, and also looks good to boot.

It is well recommended daily dose, even if sold alone, but is a nice addition to this kit.


So I like or hate Topside Lite kit? Out of the box, with the GDR, it is a great dovpo usa get code experience for those who want to try squonking

mod looks decent, but not really crazy colored plastic once it is scratched or dirty, but I think it is more about function over fashion. I would like to see a more authentic, but it has a cost, and weight. It is much lighter, so it is easier to carry and put it in his pocket. It is the most visible aspect during use, and makes sense because it is in the name. The proportion of released Squonk, I think it is actually quite clean. Let’s say someone think they want to start squonking but are not sure. If they decide they do not like that, they can pop bottles and decent mod, stylish 21700 and discard the tank or above average. Or, if you do not have a big budget, two modifications to get with him. Of course, you can still run the tank Squonk mod, but that kind of defeats the purpose, and gives you the ability to go without the bulk. I do not like the burden of most of this mod ceiling, but it works, and well. I’ve never had a problem with a leak or squonking with this, it is also favorable. I varying jet for a bit, so I think I know where I’m in it. This is a good recommended daily dose by increasing the value you get in this kit. It’s a total package squonking for someone who wants to try squonking or just a light superstructure to your collection. For me, I have to survive as squonker above. Is lightweight and functional, has 21,700 batteries, and a capacity of 10 ml of the same great, but it’s just lighter. It turns out that it was not a total failure and I began to develop love more than I use.

FOUR TESTS – If you accidentally falls into the pizza oven, I’ll get another? I think I really could.

luminous body
Dual use – or Squonk Squonk
no leak
Easy to fill
Good for vaping watts
21700 battery compatibility
Capacity 10 ml
Bright, easy to read screen
clicky button

TC performance is not good
He demonstrated gripper housing bottles, fingerprints and other brands
I’m not like the cork in the bottle, and other superstructures

Thank you all and thank you for sending vapeciga topside mod my appearance. I saw it online for about $ 75-80 for the kit, and $ 40-50 for any mod.

Criteria Review: I use all of the elements for about two weeks, I’ve collected enough data to write quite critical. I use the same e liquid in the tank or RDA through my critical to ensure apples to apples among all modern appliances. I put a notice until I was sure that I use it enough to give the learned critics. The reason why I started to do because of the criticism of bad decisions in my purchase of vaping time about two years ago. At that time, I bought a different piece of hardware without thoroughly enjoyed it and hope that people spend their hard earned money so much smarter than me! **** Please note that some items I can get an early version and not the retail packaging. Quality can be less than the finished product and what is in the package might be different from the packaging and retail

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