Starting from 0: e-cigarette atomizer of new village level 3! Under the age of 18 players do not enter!

What atomizer is very good, can I ask the question, fully prove your small white attribute, please go back to look at the new village level 1! How important is # atomizer? # we said in front of the electronic cigarette selection criteria – “out of the smoke” mist “it” “” “” battery “” taste” shape. The smoke is decided by the atomizer! Battery is to provide energy to the atomizer. The palate is cloud and it! Appearance is associated with atomizer! Cloud, therefore, it is the existence of the electronic cigarette is generally important soul! The classification of # atomizer have? # smoke oil from Canada way points “one-off” “storage type” “drip” disposable wing play atomizer and smoke bombs (cigarette holder) is together, generally do not need to add oil smoke, finished change directly, so called disposable electronic cigarettes.

It is said that the brand accounted for the electronic smoke 40-50% of sales, the annual drama “the house of CARDS,” is this brand of smoke. Electronic cigarettes yo.Oil atomizer i.e. atomizer with storage warehouse storage type, generally can reserve a day of smoke oil usage. Add oil smoke, must be inverted unscrewed a drip down the tank wall screw on a horseDon’t add to the middle of the hole must not add to the middle of the blowhole in must not add to the hole in the middle of the important things three times! Especially like this porosity atomizer!

Drops of oil atomizer, as the name implies, is a smoke oil to guide oil on a cotton, generally without a storage warehouse, but also bring some, suitable for the pursuit of the limit of smoke. Because there is no storage warehouse, so want to take a couple of a drop of oil under a smoke a few times.. Have patience, you can bypass the ~ ~Atomizer subject to smoke liquid warehouse, we call this the atomization of heat wire core. As is known to all, in general, the atomization core is a month behind type of consumables. Cloud start work in accordance with the situation, it is divided into “in core, DIV, self-control.” Core type atomizer change core spending is generally oil storage type atomizer, cloud is the core and guide oil cotton is independent of heat wire finished products, liquid can be used directly on the smoke, simple and convenient. The atomization core replacement is also directly change the finished product can be.

DIY type atomizer DIY type usually drops of oil atomizer, users need to manually make heat wire and conducting oil, cotton, suitable for have certain practical ability and the pursuit of perfection is the player.Before you start work around, need to clear up, good resistance and power, etc., choose good heat wire material, thickness, and the number of turns, the size of the circle, clockwise or counterclockwise, was negative, and so on a series of forcing the school of arts living of physical problems.Finally warm reminder: be careful of short circuit and short circuit, low resistance to battery instant high discharge current, are in danger of explosion.

Can also, of course, the finished product oil storage type atomizer atomized core wire manually, obviously difficult than the drops of oil type n times! Homemade type atomizer in this type of atomizer difficulty is very big, if you are a novice, please don’t try, players try. From oil storage warehouse material classification set pieces: two “Alec storehouse” “ceramic storehouse” “stainless steel silo” “glass storehouse” acrylic warehouse: convenient installation, fuel load is higher than the other two, but fragile. VG high cloud of smoke don’t use acrylic oil warehouse, because VG as organic matter and acrylic can penetrate to each other, will be corrosion yakeli. Ceramic warehouse: “ceramics” has a unique hot, taste will be a relatively perfect feeling. Stainless steel silo: strong and beautiful, but for warehouse ZhongYan oil consumption can only rely on taste and experience judgment, easy to dry. Warehouse: glass is fragile, but for how much in the storehouse of smoke oil remaining very intuitive. # English abbreviation atomizer is what (falling tone)? # Rebuildable ATOMIZER, hereinafter referred to as RBA. mean to packaged atomizer. It is all can be assembled atomizer. Rebuildable Dripper ATOMizer, hereinafter referred to as RDA. it refers to the drops of oil atomizer, and competition are commonly used to do big smoke. Rebuildable Tank Atomizer, referred to as “RTA, it refers to the storage type Atomizer, can continue to smoke, smoke is the most common choice. Cleaning Atomizer, refers to the finished product Atomizer alone, not assembled. After a certain consumption, need to change a new one. Why # air leak? # oil tank not tighten, capsule of aprons craze, install the cloud body without reduction of synthetic, are likely to appear this kind of circumstance. Cleaning atomizer, atomizing core also note, do not use hot bubble aprons, easy to heat bilges cold shrink. But there are also due to buy inferior atomizer, examples of sealing quality closes nevertheless. # good high-end di atomizer, I can choose? # oil atomizer generally use low resistance, high output power. Large oil smoke can also make some smoke taste to reach perfection, is the ultimate choice of senior players. But the drops of oil atomizer need strong beginning ability and professional knowledge, at the same time, the velocity of smoke oil consumption is not generally fast. Player if you are new village, starting from the new village, please darling! Why smoking electronic # # can have the feeling of frying oil in general because heat wire is too close to the outlet, part of the oil smoke without atomization directly through the inlet channel is pumped up. To check the position of heat wire, adjust the cotton core and the distance of the air intake, can be solved. # why some atomizer heat wire with the volume is the same day? # heat wire single, double and multiple, is refers to the number of heat wire! Fever wire, the more the number of hot wire when vaporizing oil smoke to contact area, the greater the manufacturing of smoke volume is even greater! Novice small white, please start from single! First to learn physics well come again! # why atomizing core is expendable? # atomization core coil will be because of evaporation of residual black smoke oil, heat wire carbon deposition on the surface or the product of some solid residues, smoke will become smaller, so the result is atomizer will taste, then you need to replace the atomization core. Novice inexperienced players, cotton core set too close or far from conducting oil hole before, lead to poor drainage, can make the cotton core in dry state. Or the initial power is too big, too much heat for hot wire, to the surface of the cotton core instantaneous burn, will burn core, produce will accelerate the consumption of atomizing core! # pumping a mouth feeling when electronic cigarette smoke oil, is the atomizer is broken? # is not yo, generally is close too fast too fast absorption, smoke oil has not been atomized into smoke committee was made into his mouth; There is also a situation, check the oil smoke if there is a fault in the pores, or whether there is oil spill oil leakage. # atomizer have to do with the taste of smoke oil? # electronic cigarettes atomizer structure, atomizing the concentrations, temperature is different, can feel different flavors. Good atomizer, if the smoke particles is small, the taste will be more pure. Different atomizer out taste will be different, some people like to smooth, some people like fury. What brand do you have in # atomizer taste good? # the king of the finished product in the atomizer taste – aspire nautilus worthy! Great smoky.

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