The SMOK NOVO Vape Pen Review

The SMOK NOVO is a portable, pod style vaporizer that has some advantages over the competition. It is very easy to use, but has some limitations, such as limited battery life and the need to prime the refillable pods before use. For this reason, the device may not be the best choice for those who travel a lot. We recommend the SMOK NOVO for those who are looking for a quality vape pen.

smok novo

The Novo’s filling port is located on the side, and it’s easy to fill it. To do so, you simply insert the needle-nose tip of a standard vape juice bottle into the hole on the side of the pod. When you’re done, the refill port is sealed. The SMOK Novo Pod comes with two refillable pods. These are a convenient way to replace the pods without having to buy new ones.

Unlike other e-cigarettes, the SMOK Novo Pod is easy to fill. Because it is located on the side, it’s much easier to reach the fill port. Just insert the needle-nose tip of a vape juice bottle into the hole and twist the plug to seal it. This method ensures that the pods don’t leak. Likewise, the battery life is longer than the average.

The SMOK Novo is designed to provide an enhanced vaping experience. It comes with a redesigned battery and two refillable pods. Those who use a liquid with nicotine can enjoy the SMOK Novo‘s boosted vapor output. Its top-rated wattage range is six to 25 watts and offers a full-featured mod experience. The new air-intake grooves are more comfortable and improve the taste of vape juice. Its 2 mL capacity will hold up to a quarter of an ounce of liquid.

The SMOK Novo Pod can be filled with liquids. A needle-nose tip from a vape juice bottle can be inserted into the fill hole to refill the pod. The SMOK Novo Pod is made of plastic and weighs eighty grams. It features an 800mAh internal battery and a 25-watt max output. The SMOK Novo vaporizer is very easy to use, and its 2mL pods can be refilled easily.

The SMOK Novo Pods are easy to fill with e-liquids. The fill port is on the side of the SMOK Novo Pod, and can be accessed easily from both sides. Unlike the SMOK 510, the SMOK Novo Pod uses a 2mL capacity, and is available in a wide variety of flavors. The SMOK Novo Pod is a great option for vapers who like to mix and match their e-liquids.

The SMOK Novo is a popular e-cigarette with numerous benefits. Its size and portability make it easy to use. The battery is integrated in the body, which means you can change the pods easily. The mouthpiece can be cleaned with a brush. The SMOK Novo has a micro USB charging port, which makes it convenient to charge. This port also allows users to charge the e-cigarette.