The Velocity Shape Adjustable Juice Well – The Dead Rabbit V2 Review

The newest creation of electronic cigarette company, the Hellvape Dead Rabbit V2 RDA comes in an RDA form only. It features a sleek body and a two-joystick remote for easier and faster adjustments to your nicotine strength. The new innovative design allows you to change your nicotine level quickly without having to mix your liquid nicotine with gums or oil. In fact, you can change your level from low to high instantly. With the quick change you can achieve the exact amount of nicotine you need in less than a second. It also comes with the new “Q-Slot” that allows quick access to your liquid nicotine whenever you need it.

dead rabbit v2

Another important feature of the dead rabbit v2 is its side-cut dual airflow slots, which is another first by this company. Dual airflow slots are ideal for maximizing the cooling and vaporizing capacity of this amazing unit. The side cut airflow slots are located in two separate chambers that both cool the air and allow wicking of vapor to be carried through to the sides of the lungs. The dual-chamber design allows for precise temperature adjustment, even when changing from low to high.

Another feature of the dead rabbit v2 that sets it apart from other electronic cigarettes is its user manual. Although the manufacturer does not explicitly state the features in the user manual, the one I saw indicated a build quality and durability that is unmatched. The manual described the build deck as being made out of stainless steel and the build quality as being one of the best I’ve seen from any of my past lighter models. In addition, the user manual goes into great detail describing the components, refill mechanism, how to change liquids, and how to fill the tank from both flat base and tall refill port.

Like the original dead rabbit v2, the upgraded version has a built in battery that can be changed easily without needing to remove the device. The upgraded version also features a quad post build deck that helps to provide more stable filling and vapor distribution. The improved build quality is apparent with how the device feels in the hands. The lightweight design is very well balanced while still being very easy to grip. The side-cut airways are very wide, making it easy to get a great deal of air into the lungs.

The new version of dead rabbit v2 is available in a few different variations. The original version was available in only one flavor, Black. Today, there are also the Black Deluxe and the Super Deluxe. Both versions feature the same materials and they are each a full flavor. Below are some of my notes on each of these delicious flavors.

Like the original dead rabbit v2, the Super Deluxe is black with a nice silver gunk logo on the front. This unit also comes with a nice upgrade compared to the original version. A Quad Post Build Deck helps to provide a more stable experience while drawing more air into the lungs. The airflow inlets are large and give this product a lot of bang for the buck. The larger size of the post help to increase stability.

One of my favorite upgrades of this product is the extra large airflows. The extra large airflow allows for a consistent flow of air, even when changing from a standard sized refill to the giant barrel style refill. The larger barrel style allows for easier cleaning and you can actually get rid of some of the gunk build up that clings to the inside of the barrel. The large barrel also helps you to use less fluid, which is a huge bonus for me. The large size makes the barrel easy to carry and also keeps the components from getting too warm or cold during use.

The most important thing about the Dead Rabbit V2 is the adjustable airflow control. After doing a ton of research and messing around with several different vendors, I found the velocity shape adjustment to be the best. The velocity shape adjustment is located on the bottom of the cyclops and is extremely easy to change. The reason this option is there is because I like to blend different flavors into the juice well. You can increase or decrease the amount of air flow to control how much juice is extracted. Also, the adjustable air flow lets me vary the cyclops speeds during the process to increase extractions and efficiency.

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