Using Your Electric Vaporizer With the AEGIS Boost by Vaporesso

aegis boost

The GeekVape aegis boost is a great little vaporizer that will allow you to get your favorite gums and mints with supreme comfort. The geekvape aegis boost is a very powerful air pump vaporizer that has a leak-proof glass pocket for portability. The AEGIS Boost also features a whisper-quiet cooling fan for maximum vaporization performance. It also has a rechargeable, battery life extending, lithium ion battery and variable voltage output that allow you to use it for hours on end without worrying about recharging.

The GeekVape AEGIS Boost is a high performance personal mod. It has a built in power management system that will give you the freedom to change your wattage without having to worry about going over the set amount of watts available. The AEGIS Boost has four huge tanks that hold a colossal quantity of your favorite flavors. It also has a triple coil cooler that will give you the smoothness that you crave with your vaporizing experience.

Just like all the other vaporizers produced by the GeekVape Company, the AEGIS boost has a unique leak proof body. It is also equipped with a unique leak proof jackaroo pod kit. This unique body allows the user to change their AEGIS boost’s wattage at any time without worrying about leaking. The body is also shock resistant, which will protect you from the shock caused by the internal battery. All the standard features of the AEGIS Boost are present, but the extra benefits of the body kit will help you enjoy even more vapor production and better flavor.

Included with your aegis boost pro are two batteries, a USB-C cable, a universal adapter, an electric power adapter, and the manual. You can easily change out your batteries as well as the adapter by following the instructions in the manual. The manual is easy to understand and includes a comprehensive list of everything that you need to know.

The AEGIS Boost comes with a stainless steel coil tool which is not included in the package. The stainless steel coil tool is designed to be used for deep vapor areas that are difficult to reach with a normal drip tip. To use the Ohm Coil Tool, first place the device on a flat surface such as a table. Next, place the Ohm Coil into place on the Ohm Ring that is located on the top of the AEGIS Boost Pro’s front. The Ohm Ring should only be placed on the Ohm Ring if you are familiar with how to install a coil tool.

Next, place the Ohm Ring on the outer edge of the AEGIS Boost and then put the stainless steel coil tool into the jackaroo plug that connects to your electrical source. Once you have placed the coil tool into the jackaroo plug, turn your unit on and push down on the buttons on the remote control. The Ohm Ring should come loose within a few seconds. The unit will automatically detect the Ohm Resistance and turn on to allow the user to begin vaporizing your herbs.

The AEGIS Boost comes equipped with three adjustment buttons on the side, which are used to adjust the wattage, the temperature of the vapor produced, and the duration of your sessions. The actual wattage adjustment buttons can be found on the side a little further than the temperature adjustment buttons. If you wish to increase the wattage on the AEGIS Boost, all you have to do is turn a wheel to the right (counterclockwise) and push in the red button on the remote control. Conversely, to decrease the wattage, all you have to do is turn the wheel to the left (counterclockwise) and push the red button. The AEGIS Boost comes fully assembled so it’s pretty easy to assemble and even includes a manual.

The AEGIS Boost comes with a very useful pod that allows you to use your vaporizer without using a heater or a vaporizer because the pod provides the same amount of heat as a heating element. This pod also contains a stainless steel coil that can be utilized to increase the overall intensity of your session. Please keep in mind that the Ohm Ring and the red, adjustable airflow buttons are not included with this device. These accessories are sold separately and can be purchased at any local retailer.

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