Uwell Aeglos Review – Vapeciga’s Review of the Uwell Aeglos Pod Mod

Uwell Aeglos

The Uwell Aeglos looks similar to the VooPoo Vinci, which is to say that it caters to the same demographic. But the two devices have a very different design. For one, the Uwell Aeglos‘s battery unit is much simpler and has just a simple, beveled rectangle with an attached pod. The Aeglos is priced at £49.95, which is a reasonable price to pay for a decent-quality device.

The Aeglos’s display screen is simple and easy to read. It is black and white, with the battery level and puff counter clearly displayed. The Aeglos’s battery is charged in an hour. The Aeglos has safety measures like a lock and a reset button, and the device can be charged in an hour. It even has an LED light for a solitary puff. You’ll be able to charge the device by connecting it to your computer through a USB port.

The Aeglos’ pod mod comes with an integrated rechargeable battery. You can refill the e-liquid in it easily. It has a refill port in the top, so you can easily refill it without removing it from the vape pen. Just insert a new coil through the pod’s middle port and push it back into place. Make sure the air slots match up. Then, you can vape on the go.

The Uwell Aeglos kit is a decent pod device, but it has some shortcomings. The buttons are plastic and feel solid. They are easy to press and have a nice click sound when pressed. The display on the Aeglos kit is generous in size, but the resolution is very low and it looks outdated. The Uwell Aeglos is compatible with a replacement Aeglos coil head, and its 3.5-ml pods are convenient for e-liquid. Its streamlined design and easy operation means that it is a good choice for the beginner vaper.

The Aeglos is easy to refill. The black mouthpiece pushes back to reveal the self-sealing fill port. This port does not require a red centre hole, and is nozzle friendly. If you accidentally fill the Aeglos with e-liquid, you’ll have to clean the silicone and clip it back on. That’s all it takes to change the flow. Its easy to clean and assemble.

Aeglos devices do not have a magnetic pod connection, but rather two pieces of plastic lock onto the battery unit. The pods click into grooves inside the pod mod, making it difficult to accidentally pull them off. The resulting airflow is adjustable. You can also adjust the airflow by pulling the tabs. Aeglos P1 has a magnetic charging port, while Drag X Pro supports two 18650 batteries.