Uwell Amulet – Special Vape In Watch Shape


Good morning all! I know the pod system now seems to have the last word. It seems that the Uwell Caliburn vape pod system was very developed in the vaping forum. The following product is another system pod Uwell which only serves as a wristwatch. Come on! Is this a gimmick or vape practice? I am happy, talkative this position tries our suite. Transparency responsibility this article was sent to me by Uwell the purposes of this review, but after not change your mind about the product.


The Uwell Amulet Vape that comes packaged in an elegant box with your watch is already underway. It comes with a guide on how to fill the sheath, set the time, watching the opposite direction, etc. Also in the card FDA warning and contact information for Well you get. Everything is well presented. This system began in watches with satisfaction click. Releases the push of a button at the bottom corner of the clock support. A gondola is behind the scenes. To fill it from slipping out of the slot and is secured by a magnet, there is a hole filled with a rubber stopper in the housing. The capacity is 2 ml. Complete, which provides about 10 minutes for the first and you’re good to go.


There are masses at this time 370mAh / trim that most of the day seems to hold. The draw for the veil is very similar to Caliburn. Not very surprisingly now considering using the same design airflow in this pod. Success can DTL, but very limited. MTL exactly what this device built for. The production cloud is really surprising coming from such a small device. His moth is bind very close to the coil itself so hot. this device is of great importance throughout indeed. Not as good as Caliburn but it is close to fucking. The new plant airflow design great on both devices. I use nothing but free alkaline liquid (easy nic because salt is not with me does not agree), but I’m sure that it will be able to use it. I tried as part of the liquid CBD and all seemed fine.

uwell amulet


The screen is very bright and easy to use. 1.6ohms shows its strength in each Crown Pod System hot sale talisman available. Have their shows in a time of 24 / hour and can not be changed. It also has a battery indicator. First, the system clock can be a bit boring, because nobody really has managed the situation. It is next to the button, but I think it should be a little easier. I have it on my wrist, was a joy. Instead of using thick mods when you are traveling and they do not realize that there half the time. Personally, I like the idea of ​​seeing. It is not wise as expected (it was as wise as beginning to see that vaping and possible), but to no avail, so it is clear that you have in your vaporizer. I would say that the funnel is a little uncomfortable by the way. Sometimes my lips around the hole can be closed, and you burn, like a little steam coil. In fact, you may stick to the mouth, a little weird at the beginning, but something you get used to it easily. 2 ml capacity was not the best either. I will meet at least twice a day. If this turns to take you all day, you should take a bottle of liquid is removed only chance. It’s not much, or even break, but just something to show. It is used moderately definitely a vaporizer that when strung an extra bottle to go.


° Great flavor
° Discrete
° Watch display is clear and easy to read
° Portable Amulet Pod Cartridge
° Impressive cloud production
° I mean it’s a watch that vapes


° Mouth piece is slightly uncomfortable
° Can burn your lips if it spits back
° Awkward to hold at first
° 2ml capacity can go quick
° 24hr time only

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