Teslacigs Punk 220W Dual TC Box Mod

Punk Tesla 220W is a dual mod 18650 boxes with a large OLED screen of 0.96 also has a series of RGB LED lamp is controlled by the user at his side. Punk is a follow Steampunk mod Nano 120W, Tesla also CIGS, and also has a steampunk design aesthetic. The outer frame is transparent and allows the view of the tooth, toothed wheels and the inside part of the philosophy of steampunk. Overall, Punk also control configuration with four buttons and features VW, TC and three different modes of personal print.

In the Box

Punk Tesla 220W comes as a stand-alone device, so no tank vape included in the kit. There are four color options for the device, rainbow, brass, bronze, and black. The last three are the best choice (LED lights are all the colors needed for their device), because they give a modern edge device, but also a solid, durable feel.
This is what users will get the kit box Punk 220W Tesla them:

  • One USB cable
  • One user manual
  • One Tesla Punk 220W vape mod

Punk Tesla 220W Review: Closer
Punk Tesla 220W is a great kid. It VAPERS first saw when they took the box is heavy. It weighs a total of 370g and a second battery in the 18650. But even when he does not have a battery, heavy punk.
Its weight may be due to the construction of solid zinc, its all alloy, although there are more than vape mod construction equipment. The steps are irregular and high wise 220w mod box is much shorter than other devices in its class.

Tesla mod vape punk is 86mm (3.4 inches) and measuring 30 mm in diameter (1.2 inches), so that the connection 510 can contain an atomizer 25 mm, or perhaps just below 27 or 28mm. Both sides of the elements box steampunk mod features signatures of view.
interior elements must also play a role in a very important decision Punk. Whereas the outer frame is made of zinc alloy, the side panels are made of transparent plastic fumes which allows the user to see inside the model. gears, metal gears and circuit boards are decorative, but they work well gel with the overall appearance of the mod vape.
machine parts made false in stunning 3D effects. If the mechanical design element is not enough, there is also the LED light on the side mod vape that can be programmed to flash in different ways, and that was perfect punk careful before designing the details.
Tesla Punk mod vape take two batteries charged down. The battery door is a type of slide-offs, but also has a lip of the gorge, and magnets to hold the door from accidentally slipping. Side screen control panel OLED 0.96-inch and four control buttons. One of these LED buttons, and another – the fire button, and up / down buttons – a wonderful feeling for them, and very sensitive.

Get the punk in the workplace
If Tesla 220W Punk strong and heavy in the hand, it could be because all outputs vaping it offers. Council on Punk while the standard variable power control price and temperature, but also to bring the settings of the power curve punk on the map to vapers can request as much or as little power they want.
There are also a variety of parameters such as smoothness, normal and hard, which can provide a higher power or reduced in order to maximize the potential of sense. This can also help keep the steam is pure and clear.
OLED displays all the necessary information, even though a tight squeeze. Variables such as the coil resistance, ohms, voltage and battery life while fighting for space with things like fashion and the power of reading vaping. Even though everything is a little jumbled, not difficult to navigate the screen.
Users simply press the up / down keys to move through the selection and press the fire button to make a choice. Options icon “Mode” bring vapers preferences of taste “hard”, “soft”, “Standard” and “user”, it is setting a custom curve that allows them to implement a wave of customized energy for VAPE.
The fourth button on the control panel – right at the bottom of the screen – LED lights control, but the lights are another feature in the settings menu, rather than requiring the global key to choose the best style.
How Tesla Punk Box Mod Making
As Tesla Punk 220W is a stand-alone models, users can select the spray size and style to attach to 510 connections appear. the connection is not centered and leaned closer to the side mod, so even if the above is 27mm larger diameter, in fact, mod vape can take 25 mm at best, without being fake.
OLED, although very small, is always a good entry point in the mod menu. Compact the entire screen, but the user has no idea what they do and where they go with a screen icon. Vapers scroll through the options and choose they want to change.
punk flavor parameters, are facing more and more the vape juice flavor profile but, again, a cloud hunters may be disappointed by the lack of density and thickness of the clouds kicks Punk . That said, setting the customized power curve works well on punk, because it can increase or decrease the wattage with the desired taste.
Vaping in temperature control mode also offers an experience as quality vaping precise and maintain the smooth mod box when vaping at high temperatures. 220W maximum output power which is most needed vapers but punk, can reach this level, given the very low coil resistance of 0.2ohm or 0.15ohm, for example, in the tank.
In the Tesla chip has incredible speed, change the values ​​of all variables that are fast enough, and does not change the handling or use of the mod.

The Competition: Tesla Punk 220W vs. the SMOK X-Priv 225W vs. the Vaporesso Switcher

The SMOK X-Priv 225W

The X-Priv 225W 18650 is a dual mod vape color display high resolution 2 inches on the front and back of the door of the removable battery. The box had a mod hand, the secondary fire button the device which gives an ergonomic grip and easy handling.
There were two up / down buttons on the bottom edge of the screen to adjust an output vaping X-Priv. The X-Priv 225 is also equipped with Prince TFV12 deposit that can contain 8 ml of liquid-e (2 ml in countries TPD) and consists of two sub-coils ohms in the kit.
The Vaporesso Switcher
box mode switch 2.6 Vaporesso Omni has a card that offers multiple users, updates vaping output as a custom curve. 18650 switching device is a double with a release liner around the zinc alloy construction, which can be removed and replaced with a different color plates. the device is set to 89 mm (3.5 inches) high and has a connection 510 to spring above.
Using the configuration control four buttons, with the main power button on the front. switch supplied with NRG ohm secondary reservoir that can contain 5 ml e-liquid and the use of two sub-coils ohms included in the kit.
The final word on Tesla punk 220W Case Mod
Punk Tesla 220W is one of the most creative mods designed at that time. remain faithful to the philosophy of aesthetic design CONTAINED all by its creator, Tesla CIGS, and even Tesla itself is both a model like steampunk everyone.
false cogs and gears in establishing punk wheels had a great idea. The success of the design elements will also be shown how to fully implement the idea is not intended for half as Tesla did with the Nano, which has a facade Steampunk industry.
Of course, the appearance of a box 220w model is only one aspect of overall performance.
With punk, however, the view and, above all, feelings left a little to be desired. The vaporizer mod weighs a lot, and therefore makes it less portable pocket, but very hostile. Of course, it is strong and can hold up to a few strokes, or fall, but when users need to carry, has a bad comfortably load.
The operation of the device is not yet a disappointment ,. The screen is small, but manageable, and adjustments made very easy. Weight and the weight of mod vape are the pros and cons. Perhaps it looks great, but trade became very heavy mod box that can be easily retrieved. Oh, and the LED lights but keep them.

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